Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin Mining:

Bitcoin mining and the concept of "Proof-of-Work" is a critical element to fully understanding how Bitcoin works and why mining is so important to the Bitcoin network. 

There is A LOT to learn.

For beginners, we recommend starting with these blogs: 


Meet Geosyn Mining - The Crypto Christian's official Bitcoin Mining Partner:



Geosyn Mining is the official Bitcoin mining partner of The Crypto Christian. 

After a great deal of trial and error (and a fair amount of money) with other Bitcoin mining companies, we met the Geosyn Mining team in early 2022, became a customer, and are now evangelists for their excellent product and service. 

Geosyn Mining is the best in the business and exceptional at delivering great returns, providing transparency, and their customer service is UNPARALLELED in their space (trust me, I've been on some long hold-times with other Bitcoin miners). 

The Crypto Christian is proud to be both a customer and an affiliate partner with Geosyn Mining. We can now help our readers receive a DISCOUNT on mining equipment with Geosyn Mining. 

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