About us

The Crypto Christian is an online community of believers investing, learning, and exploring the world of Bitcoin, Crypto, and Web3.

This is not an online community dedicated to making a quick buck.

This blog will not pay off your mortgage overnight.

Our goal is to empower Christians to build wealth, learn about Bitcoin, and glorify God’s kingdom.


Our Story

The idea for the Crypto Christian started in my parents’ living room in rural Minnesota. My father, a pastor of a small church, asked me to explain what Bitcoin was and how he could invest in it. About 84 questions later, I helped him make his first Bitcoin purchase.

Investing in Bitcoin and learning about Crypto seems intimidating to many at first glance. Even my father, who is a fairly tech-savvy man (and a sucker for every product Apple has ever created… love you Dad), didn’t know where to start.

There are millions of “Crypto-Curious” Christians that need a resource to get started.

The Crypto Christian now serves as an online community of believers who wish to learn more, ask questions, and start their crypto journey!

Please explore our website, check out our resources page, follow us on social media, or even join as an official member.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach me via email at tim@thecryptochristian.com.

Tim Bertram
The Crypto Christian